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Before you begin renovating your unit you need to get the right coverage in place as you will likely be responsible for insuring any improvements.

Condo Insurance                               

If someone is injured in the unit, it is not covered by the HOA general liability policy.  This is "good will" coverage, not triggered by a lawsuit.

    Medical Payments

The HO6 policy excludes earthquake coverage. This is very important coverage, particularly in South Carolina.

Renovation Coverage

Earthquake Coverage

The standard HO6 policy excludes flood coverage.  A separate policy is available through NFIP with very limited coverage. 

The standard HO6 policy includes wind and hail, unless excluded.  State wind pool coverage is costly and offers limited coverage.

The standard HO6 policy includes certain named perils (causes of loss) such as fire, water damage and more (not flood, sewer backup or earthquake).

         Flood Coverage

Windstorm & Hail Coverage

Fire, Pipes Busting, & More


Your policy does not automatically include this coverage.  While sewer backup may not effect your unit, it may effect your building.

Water/Sewer Backup Coverage

The HO6 provides a $1,000 limit but not for HOA deductible.  Know the HOA deductible and divide it by the # of units in the complex.

Loss Assessment Coverage

Custom Contents Coverage

If someone is injured in the unit, it is not covered by the HOA's general liability policy.  Is the unit owner and entity?  Entities are eligible.

The standard HO6 provides a % limit for loss of

rental income (as low as 20% of contents limit).  Can the owner afford to self insure for up to a year?

What limit should I sell for Coverage A - Dwelling.  Understand the difference between "Bare-wall" and "All-in" concept.   

  Personal Liability Coverage

100% Rental Income Coverage

Custom Dwelling Coverage

Now, turn the unit upside down.  Whatever is not permanently attached falls out.  This is the contents.  Whatever stays, is the interior dwelling (above). 

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