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Inland Marine is a unique class of business that requires specialized expertise due to the complexity of each project and job site. Schedules of equipment can change as often as the jobs they are used on. Market focuses on small-to-medium sized business with values up to $7.5 Million.

To qualify, risk must be one mile from the ocean or other salt water.  

construction workers

who's it for?

  • Specialty trade

  • General contractors

  • Real estate developers

  • Commercial or residential building owners


Key Features

  • Admitted paper

  • Allianz Global & Corporate Specialty (AM Best A XV)

  • Capacity up to $7,500,000 ($2,500,000 Frame or JM)

  • Broad coverage enhancements

  • $750.00 minimum premium

  • Ability to package multiple inland marine classes

  • No minimum earned premium

  • Available in 4 states (NC, SC, GA and FL)

  • Builders’ risk

  • Contractors’ equipment

  • Installation floater

  • Motor truck cargo

  • Equipment dealers

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